Thank you for inquiring about the AMEN Lincoln Free Clinic.

UPDATE: At this time it has been determined that we will need to cancel our plans for the November AMEN Clinic in Lincoln, NE.  Due to the already established "safety net" that Lincoln provides to the community in offering free services, we feel that we need to work toward providing these services to locations that do not already have existing programs that help individuals with their healthcare needs.  As people are doing so much in the Lincoln community, we were not able to get the required amount of commitments from local volunteers to lead the clinic and without those leaders, it is not possible to move forward at this time.  

We were most impressed with Lincoln's Community Services and the attention that they put towards their citizens who are most in need.

We are determined to continue the path of providing free services to communities in need and invite you to join us at any of our future clinics.  Please visit our home page for more information.